Sunday, August 30, 2009

-Blog Post-

I have journaled my experience at Impact on prayer team and will readily talk about it with everybody and anybody who asks about it. It was the biggest blessing of my life :) :) :) There were times where I felt that I was being greedy, taking so much joy from God, haha! He had such victory there!

School is starting soon. I remember the days when I was excited about the first day, but now I just am tired of it. I'm tired of taking classes that I don't care for. Modern Phil. and Milton will be fun, but the other 10 hours are pointless! Pointless knowledge exsists I guess.

I found seminary lectures free online, Fuller is an interest of mine.

And here is an interesting post on women in seminary.

I am nearing the end of my time at A&M, and need to start putting a plan together. I have always felt a draw to go to seminary. (If there's one thing I DEFINITELY do not feel pulled to, it's grad school.) I have so many worldly reservations for not going, ironically. Like money, time, distance. It's so far from home :( I will continue to pray.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Man, Radiohead is my all time favorite band

So I don't like early nights. And I find that I'm not used to them. So I will blog!

There's really nothing on my mind. Except everything. I put in my two weeks at the sub and bj's already, and I'm insolent to bosses at both places, hoping they'll just take me off schedule, but alas :( And I think my subway boss scheduled me for next week during Impact retreat....

I'm excited about the next few weeks until school. Here's my itenerary internet stalkers!
Impact meeting Aug 10
Retreat 12-15
San Antonio after!
Nessa's Wedding 22
Austin trip 24ish till school starts

So this down time is VERY down time. It's like the calm before the storm. And people will be coming back into town so I'll get to meet up with them and such. Things will just change and for the better I hope. My analysis thus far for staying cstat for so long bueno. I want to shoot myself. Not really, but that's like a turn of phrase these days, yeah?

It's not that I don't like A&M, I just dislike college station. I know the culture and music is known throughout the world, but it's just not enough for me I guess. And it was tough staying here working, cause I could never get enough time off to spend any decent amount of time in another city. What was awesome: getting out of my comfort zone. I had been told before I'm extroverted, and didn't believe it. It was actually last summer in san d I actually decided to accept the fact. But not having anyone close to me being in town really pushed me to do crazy things and just go out and meet people, and hang out with some others whom I would probably never have had the chance to. It was fun to socially experiment in this way, and I am confident that in an unkown city, I can survive.

Impact admittedly has me anxious. I just feel like I don't know how to do it anymore. It's been so long since I've prayed with my PAT, haha, I can't forget how to pray I guess. I have a silly fear, but aren't all fears silly? This is the biggest omega session too. Like, I have to pray for all those people? How can I? I can't do that!! But I am not alone. And it doesn't fall on me. I need to remember that. I find it so hard putting faith in God on things like this. I think things like, how can one person's prayer be enough for the hundreds of people? I'm just one person. That ratio doesn't even make sense!! 1:100s how small! But God doesn't work with fractions, he works with the heart. So, I guess if anyone out there prays for me, pray that my heart ratio for Impact will be 10000s:100s hahaha, that's a joke. But i'm serious.