Friday, September 18, 2009

Treasure Hunting

I have an exam tomorrow that I haven't studied for, but I have weighed importance in my life in the way of 'blogging vs. studying', and find blogging my experience the weighter of the two.

IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

So, praise Jesus that I can hear Him!

"My sheep hear My Voice..." John 10:27

That verse is my encouragement. His continual blessing on me in pursuing this evangelism He's placed so heavily on my heart has been so crazy.....ahhhh words fail!

Last week I went to Home Depot, because that was DEFINITELY where He wanted me to go, though He knows I felt silly writing it down. But I went and recieved a HUGE blessing from this lady, Sherri, who offered to pray for me over my worries about where to go and what to do when I graduate.

This week was harder. I got chimeney. Or chimney. Whatever. Anyway.....we went to blue baker on dominik and lo and behold there it was. The one that I saw. And He led me to Kiki and now I can invite her to church cause I have her number! And He saved a wal-mart employee today through Lance!! He's raining down blessings on College Station and people are seeing it and experiencing Him!!

Oh man. I'm also learning discipline and obedience. Although, minus the negative connotation discipline has, because it's more of a joyful surrender. Compliments of Elisabeth Elliot.

God is so good to us; we need only to trust and obey. He is teaching me to hear Him and obey, giving me boldness I never had before!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

For the sake of future sarah

Blog blog blob slob

Got that out of my system. I just finished Passion and Purity by one of JVS's main ladies, Elisabeth Elliot. (Henceforth, referred to as P&P by E.E) What a blessing! I feel at times that what Jim and 'Bett' (as he called her) had is impossible, given my natural cynicism. What kind of unerathly love is that, which waits 5 years, and doesn't allow a kiss, or even at times regular correspondence? But that is exactly what it is. Unearthly. Of course the natural course of thought is disbelief because such love is not from this earth, but from above. It is not in my limited knowledge to understand it, but it is within my God-given capacity to accept it as a possibility. Just as the love of Jesus which took the form of the cross is not understandable to me, but is a reality, that kind of love described by E.E in her book exsists, if even I don't experience it on earth.

What I most enjoyed were her constant references back to scripture, to hymns, and to authors whom she's read before who wrote truth. I hope to have those same resources at my disposal for when the storm comes, because it will. I hope to hide His word in my heart. I have recently taken to reading more authors of the 'christian' genre. (I hesitate at using 'christian' as an adjective, I dislike what it connotates which is probably why I have for so long stayed away from literature characterized as such) Regardless, I have today made some purchases of which I am very proud. A book by Jerry Bridges, one called 'Messy Spirituality' and another about missionary work. I hope to find the truths in all of these books.

Another point that P&P touched on was the call to obedience, especially when the desire to be obedient is constantly at war with the desire of the flesh. That actually is the entire point of the book now that I reread that last sentence, haha. Ahem....anyway.....this realization has caused a new request in my prayer life. One that asks He reveals to me ways in which my will does not match His. I guess that has always been a prayer, however now I feel that I have something real as an example.

My prayer is not on relationships, which is what this book is about on surface level, but on my future. This book is one above all on patience, trust and waiting on the Lord. I don't want to forget the lady I talked to this past Thursday while Treasure Hunting, and the promise the Lord spoke through her to me -

Trust in the LORD with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge him,

and he will make your paths straight.

I know that He who has promised is faithful, and I need only to wait on His answer.